Within the field of SEO, there are so many different techniques and tactics that can be used, trying to list them all would be nigh on impossible. Just as we got to what we thought was the last tactic, Google would inevitably make a change to their algorithm, and we would need to find another one.

That is why when we discuss SEO with clients or those who want to learn more, we try and keep it as simple as possible. This is not to insult their intelligence, but merely because some of the most straightforward and basic techniques, are the ones that bring the best results.

Take these 3 for example…

Research Your Market and Audience

In just about every field you can think of, those who do the most research are the ones who invariably get the best outcomes. The reason is they do not waste time on tactics that will not work, but instead focus on those which will.

By researching your audience, you can adapt your SEO in terms of keywords, content creation, what images or videos to create, what other websites you want a presence on, and even which products to produce.

Start and Maintain A Blog

Did you know Google has a blog? Why? Well, it helps them connect with their audience and to keep them informed of the latest news and developments related to their business. If the most important search engine on the internet thinks it is a good idea, shouldn’t you do likewise?

Apart from the benefits already mentioned it also boosts your SEO in several other ways as the content you publish in it helps Google see what keywords you are targeting and as such, what you are trying to rank for.

Get Positive Reviews and Testimonials

It defies belief that having worked so hard to gain a customer, and given them fantastic service, that countless businesses simply say, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Goodbye’. What a wasted opportunity!

Those happy customers can have a bigger impact on your SEO than all the backlinks you can muster. Encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews, not just on your websites, but more importantly, on other websites which then link to you, is almost priceless in terms of increasing sales and boosting your SEO.