7 Recent SEO Developments Every Website Owner Should Be Aware Of

7 Recent SEO Developments Every Website Owner Should Be Aware Of

Anyone who owns a website that is the online real estate for your business should know that trying to get it ranked highly using SEO is not a one-time event. In reality, it requires multiple actions, and further, what tactics and strategies might boost rankings today could do the opposite tomorrow due to Google’s ever-changing ranking algorithms and rules.

The quest to know everything about SEO will never end, even for the most knowledgeable and experienced SEO exp[arts, simply because Google is on a continuous journey towards doing its search results the best it can do for its customers, aka people who search on Google.

No one knows every facet of the algorithm that Google uses to rank websites, and we imagine that even within Google itself, no single person has 100% access or knowledge of that algorithm. However, Google regularly publishes updates and details, informing those who need to know that its ranking factors have changed.

Some of these changes are relatively minor, while others are hugely significant, often to the extent that they can wipe out a business overnight if that business was relying on a ranking factor that Google has altered, removed, or reversed to the extent that it is now a negative factor, having been a positive factor previously.


Site Bouncing

How to Stop Visitors To Your Site Bouncing Away Immediately

You might be thinking that bouncing isn’t a word you would associate with online businesses, but it is actually one of the most important elements that determines the effectiveness of your website’s SEO.

If you don’t know what we mean by bouncing, it’s the term used to describe a visitor landing on a website and within seconds clicking away again. Just as a ball bouncing outside is in contact with the ground for a split second and then isn’t, the same applies to visitors who come and go in an instant.

The problem for website owners is that visitors bouncing is not good, especially as these bounces can be detected by Google. If someone searches for a local pet groomer, clicks on one of the results, but when they get to the pet groomer’s website, they take a quick glance and leave, that’s a big red flag for Google.

It’s a red flag because they want their search results to be the best that they can be and so want to rank websites in their results that visitors are satisfied with when they click through to them. One of the measurable factors that indicate that satisfaction is the length of time those visitors remain on the website in question


Simple SEO Tactics

3 Simple SEO Tactics Every Business Should Employ

Within the field of SEO, there are so many different techniques and tactics that can be used, trying to list them all would be nigh on impossible. Just as we got to what we thought was the last tactic, Google would inevitably make a change to their algorithm, and we would need to find another one.

That is why when we discuss SEO with clients or those who want to learn more, we try and keep it as simple as possible. This is not to insult their intelligence, but merely because some of the most straightforward and basic techniques, are the ones that bring the best results.

Take these 3 for example…

Research Your Market and Audience

In just about every field you can think of, those who do the most research are the ones who invariably get the best outcomes. The reason is they do not waste time on tactics that will not work, but instead focus on those which will.

By researching your audience, you can adapt your SEO in terms of keywords, content creation, what images or videos to create, what other websites you want a presence on, and even which products to produce.